What Is A Hotel Recruitment Agency?

If you’re seeking a job in the hospitality industry, you may wish to consider signing up with a hotel recruitment agency. Here you’ll find a listing of many available jobs in a variety of locations.
The hotel industry fulfills a niche for a variety of hospitality services including bellhops, housekeeping, administrative, management, tourism, activity directors, maintenance, food services (including meal prep, chefs, waitresses, dishwashers and more), Information technology, security and so much more. Other jobs in the sector include guest relations, human resources, health and safety, beauty, concierge services, and room services.
For anyone interested in such a job, skills that are used in daily living and other managerial jobs are all vital to the integrity of the industry. There are many positions that offer on the job training and others will require some college-level education that will fine-tune the skills for such services.
Recruitment agencies are in charge of hiring for the above-mentioned job positions. They ensure that the staff being hired are qualified for the job tasks assigned for the job positions that are applied for.
Duties of hotel staffing may vary slightly from one company to the next, however, all of them require that the staff be courteous, friendly, and able to manage their assigned tasks. Personnel at a hotel are responsible to ensure that the establishment is run effectively and that the staff is properly trained in all aspects of their particular job position.
Hotel staff needs to work well together as a team to keep an establishment running smoothly. Each team member will have their individual responsibilities and must ensure that they are doing their fair share. Occasionally the duties of one staff position will fall over into another category and the team members must be able to fluidly accomplish tasks that aren’t normally in their own job description.
For this reason, all positions should have a full and complete understanding of what each team member’s responsibilities should include. It’s important to keep in mind that at all times they should strive to give guests high-quality service.
All job positions will be expected to be able to provide adequate services to guests of the establishment in an effort to maintain the highest possible standards at the facility. Every staff member, regardless of their position, should endeavour to keep the premises clean and neat. This includes noticing when a trash can should be emptied or when the flowers at the front desk are wilting.
Focusing on teamwork will go far in helping the facility to maintain its high-quality standards and to always present the guests with a clean and inviting atmosphere. The more inviting and welcoming the front area the better.


Salaries in such an industry will be dependent on several contributing factors. These include the region in which the hotel is located, the educational level of the employee’s, the nature of their job tasks, and the level of service that is expected of the employee.
Many positions will start out at minimum wage and employees can work their way up the pay scale according to the time that they put in at the facility and their goals. The more educated the person is the more likely they are to get a higher paying position at the facility.
It’s also important to note that while many positions are entry-level, they do afford for the opportunity to advance within the sectors and move laterally as well as upward in the facility. The more tasks that the employee is willing to learn, the more likely they are to be able to earn more money.
Many of the jobs are part-time, however, by taking on other job positions employees can earn a full-time pay. There are also a few positions that allow for tips and overtime. Previous experience in the particular job sectors is also a huge plus and much more likely to earn an employee a higher wage.

Skill Improvement 

There are many opportunities via recruitment agencies to hone skills and take courses that will gain the employee more money. With the right training, a person in such a facility may be able to progress from a lower level position to a higher level position and earn even more.
Management courses, business courses, and customer service courses will all go far in helping a person to advance to upper-level positions within the industry. Good time keeping skills, reliability, and communication will help to round out the requirements of such a job.
Many of the tasks are seasonal such as landscaping and other outdoor jobs such as the pool maintenance (unless of course, the pool is indoors).

Why Use A Hotel Recruitment Agency? 

A huge advantage to using a Hotel Recruitment Agency is that they will do all of the vettings of the potential candidates for any job availability. They will check the credentials, the education, and the skills required for the job.
This means that by the time a potential candidate reaches the particular facility, they have already proven that they are capable and worthy of the tasks that would be expected of them. This can save the facilities countless hours of interviewing and explaining the job tasks that would be required of potential candidates.
It’s a great way to ensure that only the most qualified of employees be hired within the industry. It’s important to save time and money whenever possible and such agencies can save a lot of time and money by helping to ensure that each and every employee is fully qualified.
Agencies will also conduct full background checks and criminal checks. This helps to reduce the potential for embezzlement and other internal crimes that can undermine any industry.

Quality Assurance

Not all recruitment agencies will follow up and ensure that the candidates that they send over are working out well, however, in this particular sector, most of them will follow up and ensure that the candidates that are hired are still working out at future dates.
This helps to maintain the standard that is expected of all of the workers and it also helps to improve the quality-standard. By getting to know each individual facility and matching the right personnel to the particular facility we can work together to ensure the highest standards for both guests, and facilities.

Employment Opportunities 

Such agencies will be ideal for lodges, hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, hostels, private establishments and more. Many even help staff restaurants and catering companies.
Focusing on the various aspects of each sector they are able to properly select and vet the ideal candidates for each individual place of business effectively and help to offer the best hotel staff for each department.
Many five star businesses use such agencies to help them keep their five-star rating without stress. It’s important to only hire those who will give the corporation a great name and rating and this helps to promote more business by word of mouth.
With the job market at an all-time low these days, it’s vital to ensure that the workers that are hired are fully capable of the job at hand and will focus on delivering only the best possible work ethics.
Don’t leave the hiring to chance. Always use a Hotel Recruitment Agency that has a well-established rating and following and you’ll find that you have a happier staff that are all highly-trained and work well together. By out-sourcing such parts of the hiring process, there is less to risk in the hiring process for any business that works with public service.