The Timeline Of Castles Throughout The Ages

These timelines and dates were all vital parts of history that involved the construction, changes, and architecture of particular castle. Every castle around the world has a great influence on our art, history, technology, and culture.

In The Early Years

Around the 9th Century is when castles were first designed and created. They were constructed typically in a Bailey or Motte nature. One of the most popular castles to first appear was the Chepstow Castle in 1067 and the Warwick Castle in 1068.

From there on out is the development of the replacement of wood for stone. Stone was a far more sturdier substance and not as easy for enemies to burn. These new stone towers stood quite well intact until around 1188 where Saladin used siege machines to toss stone boulders at castles.

Moving On

As time passed mechanical technology used to build castles and used within them increased at a rapid rate. Around 1277 is when King Edward built a series of famous castles known as “The Iron Ring”. The ring was composed of not just one castle, but many. Think of all of the resources and manpower it must have taken to construct such a feat in only 40 years time.

It wasn’t until around the 1330’s that artillery cannons were beginning to be used in battles. This, unfortunately, began to mark the end of the medieval castle era.

The Building Process

As mentioned previously it was in the 10th and 12th centuries where castles took on the Motte and Bailey form. It was believed that around 500 castles were built around this time and were typically made of wood surrounded by mounds of earth.

It wasn’t until the 11th century where stone was used as a replacement. This is also around the time where we begin to see rectangular keeps. This is the common image that we think of when we picture a castle.